Spring Taxation Essentials

Spring Taxation Essentials

Course Summary

 4 hours    Webinar Series



Tuesday, 13 April

11:00 – 13:00

Part 1 – Budget and Finance Bill Topics In-Depth, £39

Thursday, 15 April

11:00 – 13:00

Part 2 – Horizon Scanning – What is Coming Now and Later?, £39

Full Series 

11:00 – 13:00

Full Spring Taxation Essentials Series, Access to Both Webinars Above, £69

Full Series & Recordings

11:00 – 13:00

Full Spring Taxation Essentials Series, Access to Both Webinars & Recordings, £99

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4 hours total, 2 hours per Part

Rebecca Benneyworth, MBE BSc FCA

Part 1 – Budget and Finance Bill Topics In-Depth

In this session, Rebecca Benneyworth MBE will look in a bit more detail at some of the topics in the Budget and Finance Bill 2021 announcements. She will analyse what the changes and proposals mean in practice for you and your clients and drill into some detail regarding calculations and advice points.

The topics to be covered include:

  • Capital allowances super deduction for companies – what is eligible; the 130% rate and 50% rate; disposals
  • Three-year loss carryback for corporation tax – limits, lodging claims outside a return
  • Three-year loss carryback for income tax – limits, mechanism, impact on tax payment
  • Proposed new rates of corporation tax – points to remember; marginal relief calculations
  • What is an associated company?
  • Remuneration planning with higher rates of corporation tax
  • COVID support and related tax issues – taxation of grants; CJRS accounting issues; received but not entitled – what to do? Next phase of support.
  • What is a Freeport and what are the tax reliefs?

Part 2 – Horizon Scanning – What is Coming Now and Later?

In this session Rebecca will be looking at some of the topics for which you will need to make changes either now or over the short to medium term. These are mainly issues which arise in practice as a consequence of other changes, or indeed may be far reaching proposals announced in March on the Tax Policy and Consultation day. But there will be practical tips for you to action now as well!

The topics to be covered include;

  • VAT mainframe migration – what you need to know; how to talk to clients about this
  • Off-payroll working and client contractors – a couple of ‘must do’ things for immediate action
  • Proposals for earlier payment of tax – what is planned and how might it work? What we don’t know about this
  • A new approach to tax administration – what are HMRC’s key proposals and how will they affect your clients?
  • Raising standards in the tax advice market – will this affect you? What are the current proposals?
  • New penalty proposals – how will they work? Illustrative examples of the new penalty regime in action
  • MTD for Income Tax – where are we, and what are we still waiting for?
  • Planning digital record keeping take-up in your practice

CPD Course Facilitator:

Rebecca Benneyworth MBE BSc FCA

Rebecca is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. She is a lecturer, writer and consultant on a variety of taxes, lecturing extensively throughout the UK, to accountants, business people and also to HMRC and the Treasury. She has her own accountancy practice based in Gloucestershire, with a variety of small business and personal tax clients.

During the last two years, this has become a 100% digital practice. She is Chair of the HMRC Digital Advisory Group, providing help and support to HMRC in understanding the challenges that Making Tax Digital presents to small businesses and their advisers.

She is also a member of the Admin Burdens Advisory Board, an independent advisory group to HMRC monitoring the burdens which the tax system imposes on businesses.